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My Books & Literatures

Check out “The Nameless and  the Faceless of the Civil War,” a collection of 28 poems and 28 essays on the historical representations of Civil War events through the rhyme and narrative of poetry, and much more

Stay Up To Date With Lisa G. Samia

Take a trip back in history with Lisa! From book signings to upcoming lecture, stay up to date with Lisa and all of her events and updates.


What I Do

Lisa G. Samia is an award-winning poet and author who is passionate about American Civil War history. Check out various works of literature, lectures, and speaking

Lectures & Speakings

Lisa is also recognized for sharing her love of Civil War history through enlightening lectures and entertaining monologues. She has lectured for the Civil War Round Table, been a guest speaker at the Blenheim Civil War Interpretive Center, and many more.

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