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Check out "The Nameless and  the Faceless of the Civil War," a collection of 28 poems and 28 essays on the historical representations of Civil War events through the rhyme and narrative of poetry, and much more


Don't Be

Afraid Of Fifty

My Name Is

John Singer

My Name Is Mrs.

John Singer

The Man With

The Ice Blue Eyes

 The Nameless And 

The Faceless Of

The Civil War

 The Nameless And 

The Faceless Women

Of The Civil War

The Nameless And The Faceless Of The Civil War, Gettysburg, Manassas And More


My Books

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The Nameless and the Faceless of the Civil War, Gettysburg, Manassas & More! 

Eric Swanson

In “The Nameless & The Faceless of the Civil War,” Lisa Samia deftly weaves poetry and essays into a deeply moving portrait of lives lived and lost during the most violent eruption of the conflict that has defined the United States since its foundation, and continues to rage in our time. A truly touching, thoughtful, and insightful work.”


Librettist for EDWIN, The Story of Edwin Booth, 
and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Joy of Living

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