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The Nameless and the Faceless Women of the Civil War

This is for the unknown women who witnessed the Civil War, whose lives and experiences were lost and forgotten in the pages of history. Step back into time and hear the voices of the past come to life. The Nameless and the Faceless Women of the Civil War is a collection of 28 poems and 28 essays, along with historical images and personal photos.

This is my second book in the series. The inspiration for this collection comes from the very first poem and essay about Elvira Finch Moore. She was a relative who was from upstate New York and married John L. Moore in 1853 in Fairfax County, Virginia. This was nine years before the start of the American Civil War. Family history and stories of Elvira suggested she was a traitor, but was she a traitor to the North? The South? We do not know.

Recently, the family discovered Guards and Pickets passes that had been given to Elvira in 1863-1864. The passes show her coming from Fairfax and going to Washington D.C., but in what capacity? We have rumors and legends passed down through the family, but no definitive answers.

Elvira and the mystery that surrounds her life is the inspiration for this collection.

The Nameless and the Faceless Women of the Civil War is about those unrecognized women of that era. Many are without a name or a face, but here they have a voice. As we know, not everyone who experienced the Civil War made it into the history books. Through the rhyme and narrative of poetry, I hope to share their stories, as never before seen or heard.


I absolutely love it! I felt the pain of these brave women and was brought to tears many times. I felt as if I were there with them, experiencing their pain and their grief. Lisa nailed it. I highly reccomend this book!

Donna M. Peterson

Because of my profound interest in the Civil War I was anxious to read Lisa’s newest book. I have her previous ones as well. Lisa has done such research on all her books, but this one is special because she has a personal connection to her subject and access to many original artifacts, its amazing. Because I lived in Northern Virginia for a time I can relate to the towns she mentions. Her style of writing is important as well. You can feel the characters come to life which I just love. Lisa, you have another hit.


Lisa Samia delivers again with this insightful exploration of our country’s most bitter conflict, the American Civil War. Samia’s focus in this volume sheds light on the often-unheralded role women played both on the front lines and behind the scenes in this heartbreakingly blood-stained internal war. With intuitive discernment she shares stories and poetry that brings focus to the reader of history’s forgotten heroines. A must-read tribute to the underlying strength of women everywhere.

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