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The Nameless And The Faceless Of The Civil War, Gettysburg, Manassas And More

Book three / A collection of poems & essays by Award Winning Author, Lisa G. Samia. 28 poems and 28 essays with photos. This collection is for the men, women, and soldiers who witnessed the Civil War but their lives and experiences were lost and forgotten in the pages of history. Step back in time and listen as the voices of the silent past come back to life.

Lisa G. Samia is an award winning Poet, Author, and Speaker. She is the recipient of two National Park Service Artist in Residence Awards. The first in September 2020 from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for Poetry. The second from Manassas. Virginia for Poetry in Fall 2021. Many of the photos in this collection were taken by Lisa during her Artist Residency.


I’m not usually a big fan of poetry, but I really enjoyed the poems in this book, especially ‘’Stonewall’’. They were beautiful and haunting at the same time and brought the war to life in a unique way.


This author brings the forgotten and overlooked protagonists of our country’s darkest conflict into the light with love and empathy.


I was blown away!

This book does an incredible job of telling the stories of the people who were often forgotten during the Civil War. The stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring and frame the war from a more personal perspective. I highly recommend this book.

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